Remedies To Convert Love into Marriage or Remove Obstacles in Marriage

Remedies To Convert Love into Marriage

Marriage has always been considered a sacred institution in our religion. People of every age group see marriage as one of the biggest responsibilities in the life of any person. The reality of marriage in the current times is different in the opinions of young people in comparison to the older people. The youngsters nowadays prefer to have a love marriage even though they are aware of their parents’ resistance towards it. They want to know how to do a love marriage or remedies to convert love into marriage without going against their parents.

The biggest obstacles in the path of having a love marriage are society, tradition, rituals, and religion. Most people still give priority to all these obstacles. We will discuss the issue of parents giving too much importance to all these aspects later. It would be shocking to know that even youngsters in the modern world still give importance to all these senseless things. They would rather break their loving relationship under the pressure of society instead of knowing the remedies for how to do love marriage.

We are now going to tell you some easy remedies to do for having a love marriage.

  • If you are a girl who wants to marry someone she loves, you need to buy green bangles. You have to wear these green bangles in the Hindu calendar month of Shravan. Also, keep in mind to wear white clothes on Thursdays. These two simple remedies will help you control the planet Venus in your horoscope. This planet is the one responsible for love and marriage in our planetary chart.

Remedies To Convert Love Into Marriage

Remedies To Remove Obstacles In Love MarriageWhen it comes to love marriage in our society is not at all easy. Getting married to the person you love is a difficult journey that many couples have to walk. Some reach their destination in some time while some lose hope and never make it happen. Losing hope of marrying your lover would never be an option for anyone who knows the remedies to convert love into marriage.

The struggle of converting your love into marriage might begin with your partner only. Many couples face this problem when both partners are not on the same page about marriage. Either of the partners might not feel ready for marriage and the other partner would want to get married as soon as possible. The remedies to convert love into marriage helps such couples take a mutual decision in this aspect of marriage.

Written below are some easy remedies to convert a love relationship into marriage:

  • If the couple lives together, then the person who wants to get married should light a diya in the southwest corner of your home. This is to be done daily till your partner agrees to get married.
  • Take your partner to a park and make his stand in the soil. Later, take the soil that was once under their feet and put it in a clean piece of cloth. Also, put 21 grains of Urad dal and 7 cloves in the soil and tie the knot of the cloth. Now pray to the God you believe in and tell your wish of getting married soon. Then, you have to put away all the things in the cloth in the nearest water body.

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Remedies To Remove Obstacles In Love Marriage

Remedies to remove obstacles in love marriage can also be considered remedies to convince parents for love marriage. The biggest obstacle in the path of a love marriage is the disagreement from parents. It can be from the parents of the girl or the boy and sometimes from the both sides.

The remedies to remove obstacles in love marriage are some simple remedies that are suggested by Vedic astrologers. It is very difficult to find true love in the current times. When a person finds true love in their life, they would do anything to convert their relationship into a marriage. This can be made possible with the remedies to remove obstacles in relationship or marriage. This helps people in getting married to the person who they deeply love.

How To Make Venus Strong For Marriage

Venus is the planet that is responsible for love and marriage in the life of a person. The position of Venus in the horoscope of a person tells astrologers about love and married life. A weak Venus means that the person will struggle in their love life. Astrologers then tell their clients how to make Venus strong for marriage.

Let us now tell you how to make venus strong for marriage to get rid of all the problems in your marriage.

  • To make Venus strong in the horoscope, worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, Annapoorna or Yakshini is the best remedy. You have to recite Durga Chalisa or Lakshmi Astotharshatnam Strotam to make Venus strong to get rid of the marriage problems of your life.
  • Donating grains like black moong, chana, white rice is also helpful.
  • You can also donate white things like clothes, dairy products to a needy lady every Friday to strengthen Venus.

If you want to specifically want to know how to remedies to convince parents for a love marriage, you should talk to our love marriage astrologer.

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