Delayed Marriage Astrology – Reasons For Delay in Marriage

Delayed Marriage Astrology

So, you haven’t heard the wedding bells till now and you still wait to unite with your soul mate. Well, there may be numerous delays in marriage in your life. One of the most common reasons is that not finding a suitable person for you. If you haven’t been able to find the right match for you till now, then astrology will be of great help to you. Delayed marriage Astrology explains the planetary positions in your horoscopes and birth charts and helps you find reasons for the delay in marriage and the right solution to this issue.

However, it is important to meet an experienced and renowned astrologer for this who can find the actual delaying marriage reasons for you as per your birth chart and suggest effective remedies. No matter you are a boy or girl, your wedding time depends on your natal chart. Late marriage may cause sadness in your life and worry for your parents. In Indian culture, the right age for it is between 22 to 32 for both boys and girls. Irrespective of your career goals, status, and belief, this is the right age to get married. If there is a delay in marriage problem solution more than this age, then you should get your 7th house of birth chart checked by a professional astrologer.       

Solutions For Delayed Marriage

Solutions For Delayed Marriage

He will analyze your astrological element for marriage and find the most powerful solution for delayed marriage. Sometimes the 7th house in your horoscope is damaged which causes a wedding delay. The other marriage delay reason may include a weak position of venus or the presence of Rahu or Ketu in your kundali. No matter what the issue is, it is very important to find a suitable solution so that you can wipe out the dosha and get married as soon as possible.

Our astrologer will give you the right mantra to bring the planets in the right position and enhance your marital chance. Once the 7th house of the horoscope is strengthened, all the problems related to late marriage will get resolved. But remember because everyone has a different birth chart and horoscope thus delay marriage solutions for everyone is unique and different. Hence, you shouldn’t use anyone else’s mantra for your late marital issues.

Consult our astrologer and seek guidance to get the best possible help for your case. Delay in marriage solutions often not just includes chanting of mantra and performing puja. You may also need to wear a strong gem to strengthen your planet’s position and 7th house. Our Guru Ji will give you a complete direction for your problem. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of fraudulent babas as opting for wrong remedies will not help you with any of the reasons for delayed marriage, rather bring more delay to it.

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Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Delayed marriage solution is given below:

Take bath and wear clean clothes and sit in a tidy place. Face towards the east and recite this mantra 108 times.

Om Namo Bhagwate Rukmini Vallabhaye Swaha

However, again saying as every person’s horoscope is unique, so get your birth chart checked by our astrologer first and then practice the mantras as per his guidance. Refrain from trying remedies by yourself as it may backfire. Go ahead and talk to him now and get instant help for your marital issues. There are instances where delayed marriage solution or astrology has helped people in getting married at the right age and overcome the pressure of society. With your apt approach and right intent, you can also change your situation and wipe out all the doshas from your Kundli and meet your soul mate as soon as possible.  

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